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Replacement Clips For Adjustable…


Replacement Clips For Adjustable Privacy Shields (Not For Sneeze Shields)

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Replacement Clips 60-pack
#4360 $9.95

Stock up on replacement clips for all of our adjustable privacy shield (study carrel) models. Each pack comes with 60 clips to use in case of loss during the school year.


Our 60-pack of replacement clips are compatible with our adjustable privacy shields (sold separately). They allow you to replace lost clips on our 17″ and 23″ adjustable models because classrooms can be a busy place.

Each original adjustable privacy shield comes with six replacement clips to hold panels in place. This product listing is simply for bulk replacement clips.

What Are Adjustable Privacy Shields?

The heavy duty adjustable trifold shields fit comfortably around laptop or desktop computers to prevent cheating and boost student focus. Three-way adjustable sides allow you to customize workspace sizes to meet the needs of your testing area. For example, this shield can be anywhere from 16 – 25″ inches wide or 14 – 31″ inches deep. Plastic adjustment clips (included) hold panels firmly in place to prevent surprises. Lastly, a rear notch opening allows for easy pairing with computer cables and other wired devices.

How Do Replacement Clips Work?

These clips help to secure your adjustable privacy shield (sold separately) at the width you need. Unlike our standard privacy shields, the adjustable models have retractable and expandable side panels. These side panels require security clips to hold them in place. While they attach firmly during usage, these clips may become lost during removal and shield adjustment. Because the classroom is a hectic place, you may need to stock up on replacement privacy shield parts.

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Replacement Clips 60-pack
#4360 $9.95
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