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Tablet Privacy Shields – 11″ Tablet Stand

$4.15 - White   

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Available in White only.

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Tablet Privacy Shield Guide

Remember, Larger Packs = Fewer Cartons To Handle!

#TS 10 WH White $41.50
#TS 20 WH White $83.00
  • Download our Brochure Click Here
  • 11″ Tall x 14″ Wide x 12″ Deep
  • Reduce distractions, discourage cheating and improve posture with our Tablet Privacy Shield
  • A tablet stand and shield in one unit
  • Works with all tablets, phones and small devices
  • 2-piece design breaks down for storage
  • Easily stores flat (sidewalls knock down flat, tray stays erected)
  • Safely holds devices at a 30 degree angle for optimal viewing
  • Our Tablet Shield / Tablet Stand is made of durable 32# ECT recyclable corrugated cardboard material
  • White on all sides to better reflect light on the work area and to provide a professional look in the classroom
  • Our Tablet Shield / Stand is Made in the U.S.A.
  • Durable, affordable and portable
  • Unlike other privacy shields with sharp pointy square corners, our rounded corners provide a safer work area
  • Our tablet shield is easy to set up and provides a professional look to the classroom
  • We accept purchase orders
  • Also accepted, major credit cards and PayPal
  • Free FedEx ground shipping to the lower 48 states (AK and HI please call 800-315-0741)
  • Sold in packs of 10 and 20


Privacy shields have quickly become a fundamental tool in classrooms, testing centers, and libraries. Our products offer many solutions to prevent cheating, including our desktop privacy shields and computer privacy shields. As the first of its kind, our tablet privacy shield offers a tech-ready solution to tablet-based assessments. Every feature of this low-cost, high-impact design offers secure coverage of tablets during work periods and important classroom tests. An optimal 30-degree tilt allows for comfortable viewing without excess overhead glare. Lastly, comfortable rounded corners lend a modern feel to this product while reducing potential for eye injury.

What is a Privacy Shield?

A privacy shield (also known as a study carrel) is a simple classroom tool that creates private workspace for students. Products like this tablet privacy shield help reduce cheating opportunities, keep students focused, and build a culture of accountability. By including low-cost cardboard study carrels into your classroom routine, students become familiar with holding themselves accountable for their own learning. As a result of reduced cheating, test results are more accurate to each student. Therefore, teachers maintain more accurate assessments of student progress, creating strong feedback loops and customizable lesson planning. This strong system of evaluation and feedback helps improve school-wide test scores on standardized tests.

Our simple tablet privacy shield design is collapsible and effective. This 2-piece model features a cardboard stand and shield that fit together for easy storage and customization. When work is not sensitive, teachers can allow students to remove the side shield panels of the tablet holder. When not in use, all parts of the cardboard tablet shield can be quickly flattened for streamlined desk storage. Order your tablet privacy shields in packs of 10 or 20 to provide adequate coverage for your classrooms.

While this product is specifically for tablet use, we offer a wide variety of Privacy Shields for Computers and Desktop Use.


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Tablet Privacy Shield Guide

Remember, Larger Packs = Fewer Cartons To Handle!

#TS 10 WH White $41.50
#TS 20 WH White $83.00
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