How can I place an order? 

Orders can be placed online, emailed to ,  faxed to 937-342-1703  or phoned in at 800-315-0741. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal or Purchase Orders. Purchase orders can be selected as a payment method online, or via phone, fax or mail. 

How quick will I get my order? 

"Click Here" to view the FedEx delivery map 

How can I get a W-9 form from you? 
What are the shipping charges? 

Free shipping to the lower 48 states. AK and HI call 800-315-0741  

Add $5.95 per carton for residential delivery. To avoid residential delivery charges ship to a school or business! 

Do you offer custom shield sizes? 

We have done a lot of research with elementary, high school and college students to determine the optimum dimensions for our products. Though we don't offer any other sizes, we would love to hear from you if you have any ideas! E-mail 

How long will your privacy shield last? 

It varies from teacher to teacher. Many teachers let their students decorate their privacy shield to take ownership of them. We have had teachers say they last for years, and others just replace them annually. 

How secure is your site? 

We protect your customer information in transit across the Internet with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) using 128-bit encryption, which complies with Visa security requirements and is the highest level of encryption available in commercial web browsers. 

Is there a minimum order requirement? 

You will need to purchase in the carton quantities offered. 

Why don’t you offer your privacy shields in Red, Yellow or other colors?

Because it reduces students fighting over who gets which color. “I want the red one!” . . . “I want the yellow one!” . . . etc. 

What are your privacy shields made of? 

Our privacy shields are made of heavy and durable, recyclable corrugated fiberboard (cardboard). The actual material is “32 ECT B Flute" . . .  similar to the material used in your stronger pizza boxes. For more information "Click Here". 

How can your privacy shield be stored?

Our privacy shields fold flat. They can be stored in their shipping box. 

Our Story . . . 

We started Classroom Products LLC in 2003 with an idea to help students to better focus by reducing visual distractions in the classroom. We also wanted to discourage cheating. We started developing a line of corrugated privacy shield (study carrels). 
For many year’s teachers tried making their own privacy shields by taping together manila folders which were flimsy and too small. Our 13” Tall Desktop Privacy Shield (our first product) doubled the work space and lasted much longer than manila folders. 
While exhibiting at trade shows we listened to many educator’s needs and concerns. As more computer labs were changing into testing labs, we once again adapted to their needs. After extensive research, we developed our line of computer privacy shields. We were pioneers in this product category. 
With five straight years of doubling in size this big/small company quickly became an industry leader in desktop and computer privacy shield. Our commitment is to good old fashioned customer service and that personal touch. We truly are a “start from scratch” company living the American Dream! 
Kenny Kiskis and Ron Zerrer (Company founders and current customer service professionals) 

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