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Choosing the Right Privacy Shield

Here we have provided a great tool to help you decide which shield fits your needs.

In order to avoid shipping and restocking fees, remember:

Measure twice. Order once.

Any non-defective returns will be charged a 20% restocking fee.
You will also be responsible for paying the return shipping.

Download, print, or view our worksheet “Choosing the Right Privacy Shield” (PDF).

To e-mail a copy of this worksheet to other individuals, open the file, save it to your computer, and attach to your e-mail.

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View our online guides below

Voting booths

13” and 20” Desktop Shields / Voting Booths

  • Designed for Desktop and Tabletop use.
  • The 13” Shield’s height is adjustable from 13” to 12”
  • The 20” Shield’s height is adjustable from 20” to 18”.
  • The 20” is great for laptops. (Not deep enough for desktop computer monitors)
  • Folding the bottom side wings creates a lip to hang over the front of the desk to help hold it in place. (See Drawing Bottom Right)
  • A cut-out in the back wall of the 20” (only) accommodates wires.
  • Both fold up for easy storage.

17” and 23” Adjustable Privacy Shields

  • Designed for larger monitors or workstations which require up to a 31” depth (Sidewalls)
  • Both shields are adjustable in length and width.
  • One Shield is 17” tall . . . the other is 23” tall.
  • These shields have the same footprint but are different heights.
  • Each unit comes with two “Back Corners” and two “Sidewalls”.
  • Six clips are provided for each top and bottom overlap.
  • Due to weight restrictions, the 23” only ships in 10 packs.
  • Both disassemble easily for storage.
Desktop privacy shields
Desktop privacy shield

19” & 24” Privacy Shields / Voting Booths

  • Great for LCD flat screens.
  • Adjusts in height from 19” to 17” & 24” to 22”.
  • A cut-out is provided in the back for wiring.
  • Folding the bottom side wings creates a lip to hang over the edge of the table to help hold it in place. (See Drawing Below)
  • Work Area: 19” Shield - 26” x 24”, 24” Shield - 28” x 26”.
  • Folds easily for storage.

All One Piece Shields

Desktop privacy shields

Another way to figure out which shield you need

First measure

Measure from left side of one monitor to left side of the next monitor

Next pick a "best fit" size

28” or More: The 19” Computer or 24” Jumbo Privacy Shield.

26” or More: The 19” Computer Privacy Shields. (If you need the shield taller than 19”, you will need the 23” Adjustable Shield)

26” or Less: The 17” or 23” Adjustable Privacy Shields, depending on the height you need.

For Laptops: The 20” Desktop/Laptop Privacy Shield or any above.

Computer privacy shields
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