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Privacy Shields for Voting

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Privacy Shields for voting booths are absolutely necessary, whether they are used at a practice polling location or an actual voting site. Election administrators need the right tools to ensure that all official election processes are carried out with integrity, respecting people’s right to privacy and maintaining confidentiality. Activities related to voting booth security for local, state, and/or federal elections are a top priority. Even though voting booths are in full view of election workers, voter separators ensure that all voters, election observers, and the public are kept at a distance while a vote is cast. This helps achieve privacy and confidentiality goals as required. These cardboard partitions are essential for maintaining trust in the electoral process by allowing voting to take place in a secure environment, free of any interference. It is also helpful to determine the number of shields required by projecting the gathering areas, walking paths, and the number of people that can potentially vote at the same time.

Things to consider include the number of people who are typically asked to enter the line for the voting booth after having their eligibility determined at a central location. In order to accommodate the anticipated number of voters, dividers may be strategically positioned at the various locations of voting booths. The number of voting precinct dividers required and the distance between them also depends on the size of the polling place and the number of voters expected. It is possible for the number of required election supplies, including Privacy Shields, to change depending on the type of election and/or referendum(s) being considered. Election administrators can project voting numbers for upcoming elections and figure out how many dividers are needed for the year. With proper planning and organization, voters can trust that their vote will not be compromised in any way. The fact that these privacy shields for voting booths are easy to use, durable, and long-lasting is a bonus.



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