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We not only strive to give you the best price, but we also use the best materials when making our products.

  • Our privacy partitions (carrels) are manufactured in the U.S.A under the strictest quality standards.
  • We use 32 ECT "B Flute" 2-Side Kla-White 3-ply corrugated cardboard for all of our products.
  • Our carrels are 1/8" thick (B Flute). Some of our competitors' products are only 1/16" thick (E Flute). This means our products outlast other similar products.
  • Rounded corners and edges make our carrels safer, which is especially important in the school setting. Avoid eye injury with our streamlined, safe design.
  • Our carrels won't wobble or swing. Each privacy partition sits level on desks, tabletops, and other surfaces.
  • "U.S.A. Made" means that we help create jobs! It also means that we can better ensure top-quality production.

How to Choose the Right Privacy Boards (Carrels)

Whether you’re planning for the school year, addressing classroom issues, or designing your testing center, we have plenty of product options for you. From desktop partitions to computer testing dividers and voter privacy boards, our product line is always growing.

To help guide your purchasing decision, read our helpful guide, “Choosing The Right Privacy Shield” or download the printable PDF version. Complete with detailed dimensions, diagrams, and product uses, this guide will help you visualize the solution for your particular needs.

If you’d like to see our products in person, consider ordering a Deluxe Sample Kit. Display this 7-piece sampler (which includes desktop, computer, and tablet partitions) at your next faculty or staff meeting.

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