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How to Choose the Right Privacy Boards (Carrels)

Whether you’re planning for the school year, addressing classroom issues, or designing your testing center, we have plenty of product options for you. From desktop partitions to computer testing dividers and voter privacy boards, our product line is always growing.

To help guide your purchasing decision, read our helpful guide, “Choosing The Right Privacy Shield” or download the printable PDF version. Complete with detailed dimensions, diagrams, and product uses, this guide will help you visualize the solution for your particular needs.

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Advantages of Privacy Boards for Classroom

Focused Learning Environment: Privacy boards for desks create individual study spaces, minimizing distractions and fostering concentration among students during independent work periods.

Confidential Testing: Implement privacy boards for classroom assessments to prevent cheating and ensure fair testing conditions, allowing each student to focus solely on their exam without external influences.

Confidential Discussions: Utilize student privacy boards during group discussions or peer review sessions, allowing students to share ideas and opinions without fear of judgment from others.

Enhanced Privacy during Assessments: Privacy boards for desks provide students with a sense of security and confidentiality during assessments, encouraging them to perform to the best of their abilities without worrying about prying eyes.

Personalized Learning Stations: Create personalized learning stations with privacy boards for desks, enabling students to customize their workspace according to their preferences and learning styles.

Reduced Distractions: Install privacy boards in the classroom to reduce visual distractions, allowing students to focus on the lesson at hand and engage more deeply with the material being taught.

Respect for Individual Space: Implement student privacy boards to respect each student’s personal space and boundaries, promoting a supportive and inclusive classroom environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Increased Productivity: Provide students with privacy boards for desks to enhance their productivity by minimizing external disturbances and creating a conducive environment for focused work and learning.

Encouragement of Independence: Encourage independent learning and self-reliance among students by offering privacy boards for desks, empowering them to take ownership of their education and work at their own pace.

Promotion of Academic Integrity: By using privacy boards for classroom assessments, educators can uphold academic integrity standards and ensure that each student’s performance is a true reflection of their knowledge and abilities, fostering a culture of honesty and fairness within the school community.

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