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Our free printables are loaded with over 600 inspiring, hand selected famous quotations.  

Inspiration is key to motivation. Consequently, we understand how important it is to build a positive learning environment in your classroom. Download our FREE printable motivational posters and handouts to bring even more positivity to your school. From thought leaders to cultural pioneers, each quote’s speaker certainly brings a wealth of insight to your students. Above all, you can break through the humdrum of daily routine with these inspiring quotes.

Therefore, each of our numerous weekly issues provides positive motivation to inspire your students. Because each is available at no cost, you can decorate your entire classroom with our selection of posters.

Click HERE to Download the Complete Collection in One PDF File

Lesson Plan Idea for Our Free Printables

These printables are valuable to students—and also to teachers! Above all, our goal has always been to help support teachers, which is why we encourage you to use these handouts in your lessons. Here is our general overview for a quote response writing lesson.

  1. First, select and print multiple different printable posters to hang around the room. If space is an issue, you can also print and hand out paper copies to each student.
  2. Next, instruct students to pick the quote that is most meaningful to them and re-write it in their notebook.
  3. Third, have students freewrite for 20 minutes about that they think the quote means, as well as an example from their life that relates to this quote.
  4. Finally, invite students to share what they wrote with a partner or the class.

Students may be asked to type and edit their work. You can also use colorful construction paper and invite students to decorate a frame for their typed quote response. 

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