Let’s take a look at making your own privacy shields

Cutting science boards may seem to work!

  • Science boards give you less than half the side protection of our computer privacy shields. 
  • Our computer privacy shields are 2” to 4” wider (L to R). 
  • Our computer privacy shields have a cut-out in the back for wiring. 
  • You could cut yourself and have to miss work and fill out lots of paperwork.

Let’s cut random grocery store boxes to make privacy shields

  • You’d have different sizes, shapes and colors in the classroom. Not a pretty site. 
  • Our privacy shields fold up and store flat. 
  • It’s hard to find boxes that are free from printing on the outsideas required during testing. 
  • Shield size and color consistency provide for a professional looking classroom

For years teachers have been taping manila folders together to make privacy shields

  • Once together, the folders only provide an 8 ½” x 17” work space. 
  • Our 13” and 20” Desktop Privacy Shields provide a 17” x 20” work space. More than double the folders.
  • Laminating the folders for strength significantly adds to the cost. 
  • Bottom line is they just don’t stand up or last like our durable cardboard privacy shields.

What about student safety?

  • Our privacy shields have rounded corners to protect student bodies and eyes. 
  • Our privacy shields carry Two Million Dollars liability insurance. 

Other things to think about

  • Our special manufacturing process guarantees the privacy shields will set flat so the sidewalls don’t swing. 
  • We ship our privacy shields the day after you place your order. 
  • Time is money. . . time for planning . . . time to get materials . . . assembly time . . . and most of all, time not spent doing what you were called to do . . . teach students. 
Student privacy shields

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