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Cleanable Plastic Privacy Shields…


Cleanable Plastic Privacy Shields – 13” Tall

White - $5.99   

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13″ Tall Plastic Privacy Shield Guide

#1320 PL $119.80
#1330 PL $179.70
#1340 PL $239.60

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  • SIZE / MATERIAL: Our 3 MM Plastic Corrugated Shield is 13″ Tall x 20″ Wide x 15 3/4″ Deep
  • CLEAN / DISINFECT: 100% plastic corrugated makes it easy to clean and disinfect
  • USES: Perfect for paper or Chromebook testing, quiet work periods, and distraction reduction
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: No tools required. Simply unfold the shield
  • PORTABLE: Each guard easily folds up to move for cleaning or use in a different area
  • ROUNDED SAFETY CORNERS: All corners are rounded to protect the eyes
  • FOLDS FOR STORAGE: The corrugated plastic part is one piece and will fold and easily for storage
  • AVAILABLE IN 2 HEIGHTS: Shop the 20″ Plastic Privacy Shield
  • AVAILABLE IN 2 MODELS: Shop the Open-Front Plastic Privacy Shield (13″ Height)
  • AVAILABLE WITH SNEEZE GUARD: Shop the Window-Front Sneeze Guard Plastic Privacy Shield models
  • LONG-LASTING: Our Plastic Shields are very durable
  • EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: Our Privacy Shields are guaranteed to sit level due to a special manufacturing process only available from PrivacyShields.com (Classroom Products LLC)
  • MADE IN THE USA: Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA by American workers
  • HAPPIER TEACHER: No students fighting over colors! “I want the red one!” . . . “I want the yellow one!” . . . etc.


When keeping a clean classroom is important to the health of your students and faculty, plastic privacy shields are essential. These endlessly wipeable designs offer all the benefits of our best-selling desktop shields while also keeping your space sanitary.  Made with 3 MM corrugated plastic, each design is lightweight and easy to clean with disinfectant wipes or spray. Help keep your class safe and clean with durable, cleanable privacy shields for your daily routines, tests, and independent work time. At 13″ (H) x 20″ (W) x 15.75″ (D), each of these cleanable plastic privacy shields fit comfortably on individual desktops or shared tables. In addition to their cleanable surface, these plastic test dividers are even more durable and long-lasting than our classic cardboard models.

What is a Privacy Shield?

A privacy shield is a simple 3-wall “cubicle”  that sits on the student’s desk or shared tables. As a result, this shield provides privacy from the front and sides. These plastic privacy shields (study carrels) are an affordable solution to improving student focus while maintaining classroom cleanliness. Each of our cleanable privacy shields can be quickly disinfected to keep your classroom healthy and safe. We sell the 13″ tall privacy shields in packs of 20, 30, or 40, so you can guarantee that every student has a shield when they need it. Teachers often use these 13″ desktop privacy shields for paper testing and written quizzes because they have a lower rise than some of our other products. If you’re looking for taller dividers, you might want to consider the 20″ Plastic Privacy Shield.

13″ Tall Plastic Privacy Shield Guide

#1320 PL $119.80
#1330 PL $179.70
#1340 PL $239.60

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